Andrè Schweers

Scripturals + Flags

Unique pieces from paper casting

Vernissage 28. October 2016

Ausstellungsdauer 29. October to 28. November 2016

In his pictorial objects, Andrè Schweers creates memory spaces of writing, fictitious places of texts. At the same time, his works are timeless, they are retrospective, they refer to what has been read, what is known or what has happened, and at the same time they are appellative sheets of a simple writing pad, because they are also the place, the model of potential new texts.

The artistic paper casting refers to pre-industrial production methods, to the quality of the "handmade" and impressively visualises the tactility and multifaceted sensuality of the material paper, which is presented as delicate or rough, irregularly frayed or torn at the edges, as vulnerable thin skin or self-confidently arching power into space. (Text extract: Pia vom Dorp,2005)

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