Bettina Hachmann

"New Territory - Graphic I and Graphic II"

Paintings on canvas and graphics

Vernissage 19. February 2016

Ausstellungsdauer 19. February 2016

In order to do justice to the changing structures in the art trade, Galerie Bernd Bentler is now also going down new paths. We have now decided to become active ourselves as a publisher in the graphic arts sector.

We have implemented this decision with the artist Bettina Hachmann, whom you know from several exhibitions. In summer 2015, Bettina Hachmann realised two Carborundum etchings in a small edition of 30 copies each, together with a renowned French printing studio in Paris. In an exhibition that is still running, Galerie Bernd Bentler is exclusively showing the new prints together with works on canvas, fresh from the artist's studio!

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