40 Years Bentler Gallery

Vernissage 18. June 2022

Ausstellungsdauer 18. June to 16. August 2022

Gallery Bentler - 40 years

The Bentler Gallery celebrates its 40th anniversary.
Forty interesting, so different years in which we have met so many great people and some of whom have accompanied us over the forty years. People from politics and business, people from all kinds of professions, people of all ages and genders. All these people formed the basis of the gallery's success.
Of course, the artists who we were able to involve in the work of the gallery to our delight have also contributed to a considerable extent. Their creativity and creative power have so often given us and our customers very special hours with very intense experiences at our events. Many of the works of art created by the artists can be found in your houses and flats and give great pleasure there, often even after many years.
The contribution of the gallery team to our success cannot be overstated. All these years, but especially at the moment, we have had and continue to have dedicated staff who have worked and continue to work for this gallery.

So on Saturday 18 June 2022, we want to say thank you to them all.
You are cordially invited to the gallery for a small celebration during the day.
There you can meet most of the artists personally and ask them about their art.

But the gallery and workshop team will also be present, so that you can also look over the shoulder of a gilder as she works. She will certainly allow you to apply or polish some gold leaf yourself.

It goes without saying that we will be able to present an exhibition worth seeing with individual works of art and objects by each artist? We hope so.
And of course we hope that you will visit us.
To a glass of prosecco or wine, to a pleasant conversation and a further mutual acquaintance.

The fact that there will be a performance with Marius Singer and various dance artists at 5 p.m. should actually be an additional motivation.

We look forward to seeing you!

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