Light painting

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Vernissage 31. August 2018

Ausstellungsdauer 31. August to 30. September 2018

"Marius Singer's abstract painting is the result of a continuous process that is equally characterised by becoming and passing, by impulsiveness and contemplation: generously applied layers in which colours change from layer to layer, run into and over each other, become denser or are removed and wiped off. In never-ending movements, the medium of painting is pushed forward excessively and its possibilities and limits are explored again and again." (Excerpt from Alexandra Wendorf's description of the work in the current exhibition catalogue)

The artist was present that evening. Alexandra Wendorf, editor-in-chief of barton - Zeitungsmagazin, spoke at the opening.
A catalogue was published for the exhibition, which you can view in the following PDF.

Catalogue Marius Singer

On the occasion of the opening, Marius Singer presented an art performance with two soloists from an internationally renowned ballet company who, full of aesthetics and devotion, merged with the pictures and made them appear even more three-dimensional.

We are pleased to be able to present the two new serigraphs by Marius Singer on the occasion of the exhibition. They were produced in the studio of Hans-Peter Haas, a legend of silkscreen art. The intensive discussions and close cooperation between artist and printer have paid off: two spectacularly beautiful prints were created for our exhibition.