Thomas Röthel and Ulrich Haug


Sculptures made of steel and objects made of wax and concrete

Vernissage 16. June 2023

Ausstellungsdauer 16. June to 05. August 2023



In the Rheinaue, the artist Thomas Röthel presents the large steel sculptures for outdoor use. In order to additionally show the medium and smaller formats, there is an exhibition in the gallery parallel to the exhibition in the Rheinaue. For this, the artist wanted something special. He invited his friend and fellow artist Ullrich Haug, who uses concrete, wax and pigments for his artworks, to join him in a joint exhibition in the gallery. We were very happy to take up and support this suggestion and can now invite you to two openings: To the gallery, to the exhibition Kohärenz with works by Ulrich Haug and Thomas Röthel, and to the Rheinauenpark, to the exhibition 360° with sculptures by Thomas Röthel.

In addition to his objects made of wax and concrete, the artist Ulrich Haug is collecting donations for the reforestation of a piece of primeval forest - and the reintroduction of orang utans - by selling his "Schriftstücke", which are made of linen and beeswax.
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"I love to work spontaneously. Steel springs, absorbs the emotions and resonates on. I play with the tension in the material." (Thomas Röthel)

"What is indeed required of the viewer here is a kind of archaeology of seeing: the artist invites us on a visual journey of discovery. Here, however, one never has the feeling that something has been hidden, but rather that something is being revealed - brought "to light" in the truest sense. In Romanticism, one might have spoken of the beauty of decay." (David Galloway)

We cordially invite you and your friends to the
to the opening of the exhibition on Friday, 16 June 2023, at 7:30 pm at Galerie Geißler Bentler, Friedrichstr. 55 in 53111 Bonn.

Welcome: Jenny Geißler-Bentler, gallery owner
Opening speech: Bernd Bentler, gallery owner

The artists will be present.

We kindly ask you to register by 13 June 2023.

Jenny Geißler-Bentler and Bernd Bentler

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