art Karlsruhe Selections 2021

InHouse Fair from 17 May - 25 June 2021 17 May - 27 May 2021 One-Artist Shows Bettina Hachmann,...

17 May – 27 May 2021 One-Artist Shows

Bettina Hachmann, Markus Lüpertz, Marius Singer,Günther Uecker

31 May – 11 June 2021 One-Artist-Shows

Michael Cleff, Aja von Loeper, Sybille Pattscheck, Günther Uecker

14 June – 25 June 2021 One-Artist-Shows

Martin Noël, Thomas Röthel, Bernard Schultze, André Schweers

Here you can view all the artworks by our exhibiting artists in our fair catalogue. If you would like to see the works in larger format, you can admire them from 17 May under „Artists“


„The only constant in life is change!“ This well-known quote by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus probably holds more truth today than ever before.

The changes in our lives caused by the pandemic can be clearly felt in the cultural and museum landscape, as this is an area that is animated by the public and thus comes to life. Museums and galleries are closed, all art fairs cancelled.

The art KARLSRUHE, which was supposed to take place these days, is also cancelled without replacement. This is a bitter loss for the entire southern German region, but also for the participating galleries and above all for the artists who otherwise have no opportunity to present and sell their works. Considering that all the artists have created completely new works for the fair, one can perhaps appreciate how great the damage is.

How do you deal with this situation? Do you surrender to your fate or do you try to deal creatively with these changes?

It's a question of how you deal with it.

Together with art KARLSRUHE and some other galleries, we have decided on the second. Our answer to this change is called art KARLSRUHE Selections.

The first gallery in the world.

The idea is that we design our gallery like an exhibition stand and divide it into four equally sized rooms. This way we can present four artists at a time in a One Artist Show for the duration of two weeks. After two weeks, the artists change, so that after a total of six weeks, the programme that we would have shown at art KARLSRUHE will be shown in the gallery.

We are particularly pleased that this renowned art fair supports this concept and provides information under art KARLSRUHE Selections on all media channels under this title and promotes this event. In this way, a completely new form of cooperation is created between the gallery and the fair, which is oriented towards the change in circumstances caused by the pandemic.

Of course, the artists would be delighted if you, as an art-interested audience, would support this event and make it a success through your participation. It is a great opportunity for all involved. A better and more beautiful way of living solidarity could hardly be imagined.

And perhaps you agree with us: Those who see opportunities in change and do not mourn the past live in the here and now and look forward to the future. The future will hold many changes in store for us in all areas of life, whether we like it or not. Let us accept this challenge and make use of the opportunities it offers.